Full Body Locomotion VR Treadmill. Motion tracking virtual reality gaming arcade. Great for birthday party, corporate events, bachelor parties, school field trips, kids day camps, fitness groups, team building activity, youth group activities, fun family outings.

Welcome to VR District

Home of the newest VR experience with state-of-the-art full body smart  treadmill technology.
Players get ready to step into the game!

What is VR District?

VR District is a revolutionary virtual reality arcade that offers the latest full body immersive VR experience. With our new treadmill system, motion sickness is greatly reduced and players can move more freely in another reality. VR District is the perfect destination activity for corporate events, youth groups, educational school field trips, team building, bachelor & bachelorette parties, fun family outings, day camps, sports teams, birthday parties, and more. Ready Player One and Sword Art Online are no longer fantasies. Get ready to step into your favorite video game and become one with the virtual world!

Virtual Reality

  • Introductory Training
  • 30 Minutes Session
  • Treadmill VR Gameplay
  • 2 Game Choices
  • All Equipment Included


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Why Us?

Powerful Experience

VR District is a revolutionary fully immersive virtual reality arcade located in Mississauga. We use the latest next-gen body motion tracking technology to deliver an out of this world VR experience. Our omni-directional locomotion treadmill platform greatly reduces motion sickness in VR and allows users to physically perform a wide range of movements in-game, including walking, jumping, crouching, and running. Step into VR District and experience Ready Player One in real life!

Huge Selection

We offer a wide selection of virtual reality games for single player, multiplayer, and online. Currently, there are a total of 9 single player and 6 multiplayer VR games to choose from our roster, and we are always adding new games to our collection! Other than video games, we also offer various virtual simulations and learning experiences such as roller-coaster simulators, 3D drawing & sculpting, escape rooms, academic & extra-curricular courses, virtual museums, and more!

Ultimate Activity

Whether it’s coming by yourself after a long day of school/work or celebrating a birthday with a group of friends, VR District is the perfect destination activity for all kids, teenagers, and adults. We are the top choice for corporate events, youth groups, educational school field trips, team building, bachelor & bachlorette parties, fun family outings, day camps, sports teams, and birthday parties!

Health Boost

At VR District, we give you the power to play video games and work out at the same time!  As you are leveling up and gaining achievements in the virtual world, your body in the real world benefits greatly with all the exercise. Best of all, since your attention is diverted more towards the in-game content, working out won’t feel like much of a chore and soon enough you’ll be able to stay super fit without even realizing. VR District just might become your new motivational fitness gym!


Here are some of the games in our catalog collection.



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