Full Body Locomotion VR Treadmill. Motion tracking virtual reality gaming arcade. Great for birthday party, corporate events, bachelor parties, school field trips, kids day camps, fitness groups, team building activity, youth group activities, fun family outings.

Kat Walk Mini

Universally Compatible

With support for all major VR headsets and platforms, the mini is fully compatible with all VR games that support free locomotion such as Fallout 4, Skyrim, Resident Evil 7, and more!

Smaller & Lighter

The Mini comes in a smaller and lighter design, allowing it to fit in even the smallest rooms. It is able to accommodate anyone ranging from 140cm (4’7″) to 195cm (6’5″) and up to 130kg (285lb) in weight.

kat walk

Freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, walk backwards, crouch or even get down to pick items up. No need to worry about hitting your furniture or tripping over wires!

kat walk
Smart & Safe

The smart design supports you while you walk and cleverly adapts to every move you make, meanwhile greatly reducing motion sickness. The shock-absorbing base plate can protect your knees and allow for longer play sessions.

Contactless Sensors

New contactless sensor technology that is extremely accurate and offers a much lower delay. These sensors are powered by the machine so they never have to be recharged!

Compact & Portable

The Kat Walk Mini only uses around 2 square meters of floor space and its flexible design makes it easy to disassemble and move around.


Kat Walk Junior

kat walk junior

Kat Walk Junior is specifically designed for kids ages 6-14 years of age and has heavy emphasis on safety. Normal movements such as walking, running, jumping, sitting or squatting can be perfectly mapped into the virtual world without causing any motion sickness, allowing children to enjoy an unparalleled and highly immersive virtual experience.

Other Products

Kat Walk

kat walk

The Kat Walk is the world’s leading omni-directional (ODT) VR system that breaks the barrier between the reality and the virtual world. The exclusive combination of the body sensors with a clever algorithm makes it possible for accurate motion-tracking with almost zero delay and a realistic natural walking experience.

Kat Walk Premium

kat walk premium

Kat Walk Premium is an upgraded version of the Kat Walk that is catered more towards commercial uses such as indoor entertainment facilities and VR conventions. Its steel supporting beam has been heavily reinforced for non-stop continuous usage. The premium package also comes with a more aesthetically appealing look, including futuristic LED lights and a fully refined body kit.

Business Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions specifically catered towards your needs, including custom arena designs and configurations.

kat vr arena
vr arena
vr district arena

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