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What is VR District?


Founded in 2018, VR District is a revolutionary virtual reality arcade that offers the latest full body motion immersive VR experience. Our state-of-the-art omni-directional locomotion treadmill platform, the KAT Walk, actively tracks every motion and mirrors them precisely in-game. With this new technology, motion sickness is greatly reduced and players have the freedom to perform a wide range of movements unrestrained, including walking, crouching, jumping, running, and more. Get ready to step into your favorite video game and become one with the virtual world!

Pricing & Gameplay


  • 30 minute session
  • Introductory lesson
  • Treadmill VR Gameplay
  • 2 games selection
  • All equipment rentals included



  1. NEVER take off or loosen the safety harness during gameplay.
  2. NEVER throw or toss VR equipment.
  3. NEVER swing or use excess force on the body harness.
  4. NEVER enter the treadmill without wearing the sensor slip-on’s.
  5. ALWAYS remove loose articles before entering the treadmill.
  6. ALWAYS hold the safety bar when stepping into the treadmill.
  7. ALWAYS wear wrist straps for the game controllers.
  8. ALWAYS follow the staff’s instructions and let them know if you need assistance.

VR District Perks

Limitless Power

The sky is not the limit with VR but more so the infinite universes that reside within the consciousness. Travel the world, fulfill your fantasies, recreate reality. Temporarily escape from reality and relief yourself from stress of the real world!

Health Nut

Instead of standing still in one place and clicking a button to teleport in the virtual world, we provide a physically interactive environment that heavily promotes healthy active lifestyles. All of our games are compatible with the Kat Walk platform, allowing guests to burn up to 400 or more calories per hour. Did you know walking for 30 minutes a day not only improves your mood and overall fitness, but also drastically prevents heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure?


One of the main benefits of virtual reality is the ability to create risk-free scenarios and environments that allows for learning and problem solving without consequences. Studies show people who undergo virtual reality training and exercises were able to retain more information from those experiences because the system can adapt and cater to each individual’s own learning style.  For many, the virtual space is also a place to spark creativity and innovation since the only limiting boundary is one’s own imagination.

Social Butterfly

We offer a wide variety of multiplayer co-op and team building games for both beginners and experts.  Develop teamwork & leadership skills, as well as improve the communication, trust, confidence, and group dynamics amongst your peers and colleagues. Work together and strategize a path to victory!



What should I wear?

Athletic or comfortable clothing and a clean pair of shoes.

How do I book?

  1. Go to and click Book Now.
  2. Scroll down to the booking form and select a date and time.
  3. Sign up for a new account or log in as an existing guest.
  4. Read and agree to the cancellation policy.
  5. Click Book Now and pay with credit card using Stripe.

*Alternatively you may call us at 905-803-8226 to make a reservation over the phone or walk in to make a reservation.

How much does it cost and how much time do I get?

$20 per person per session. Each session is 30 minutes which includes an introductory lesson and gameplay. Please arrive 20 minutes in advance to get checked in and go through training.

Can I bring in food?

No outside food or drinks permitted. However, we do provide UberEats service with free delivery.

Is there an age restriction?

Ages 6 and up.

Is there a height restriction with the equipment?

Under 6’3″ or 190 cm.

Is there a weight restriction with the equipment?

Under 100 kg or 220 lb.

Is there free parking?

Yes, plenty of free parking spots.

Are there lockers?

Yes, we have lockers free to use for all guests. Please bring your own lock. VR District is not responsible for lost personal belongings.

Is there a party room or lounge area?

Yes, we do have a lounge area reserved for guests who book our Birthday Package. Please see “Groups & Events” tab for more details.

What is your cancellation policy?

All sales are final. No refunds can be granted for online bookings or phone reservations. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Are reservations recommended?

Yes, reservations are highly recommended. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your booking to go through the check in process.

Can I walk in?

Yes, walk-ins are allowed but they work on a first come first serve basis. Keep in mind that pre-booked reservations have priority over walk-ins.

How many different games do I get to play?

As many as you like within the 30 minute time frame.

Can I swap a friend in midway through my session?

Swapping in and out are not allowed during each session. However, guests who are not playing are free to spectate on the computer.

Do you sell VR equipment?

Yes, our Kat Walk locomotion treadmills comes in various models. Please visit the “Products” page for more information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, we require all guests to sign our safety waiver before they can participate. You can find the waiver here:

How many players do I need to play?

One or more players. We have a wide selection of single play and multiplayer games so it will be fun whether it’s just by yourself or with a group of friends!

Will I get motion sickness?

Our treadmill platform greatly reduces motion sickness and we highly recommend guests to use the platform to move around in-game instead of the touchpad.

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